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Upskilling your Employees: What you Need to Know

You should know that your employees are more than simply a number as a business owner. They want to feel valued and appreciated for their skills and who they are as an individual. People need to know that what they do matters and see it in the workplace.

You can make them feel like they’re part of something bigger by giving them means of upskilling themselves or even encouraging them to get involved in projects outside of their regular responsibilities. You can teach them new skills or more of the same. Here are some ideas on how you can upskill your employees.

Offer Professional Development

Providing your employees with the means to pursue professional development is beneficial for them and your company. Many businesses offer their employees annual leave, but that might not be enough time to take advantage of workshops or seminars.

Of course, you can’t let them use all their vacation days in one year either. But this doesn’t mean you can’t give them time to work on their skills between projects. Offer them the opportunity to come in early or stay late. This way, you can work around their existing responsibilities and give them time to improve themselves.

Provide Paid Internships or Mock Trial Training

Paid internships are often sought after by students who want real-world experience before graduation. Your company will also benefit from having an intern with fresh ideas and new energy around the office.

Mock trial training is beneficial because it gives employees hands-on experiences in the field. These opportunities allow your business to get ahead and be seen as an advocate for community service.

Employee Spotlight

Make sure every employee has their moment in the spotlight by holding a monthly or quarterly event where they are recognized for their work. You can do this through email or in person.

By taking the time to recognize employees, you’re saying that you value their work and appreciate them as individuals. It will go a long way in motivating your staff to continue putting 110% into their jobs.

Formalize Mentorship Programs

Offering opportunities for mentorship is beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. Mentors can pass on their skills or industry-specific knowledge, while mentees receive plenty of exposure to different aspects of the company.

When your business is small, you likely assign high potential employees projects around the office. But term limits or project-specific work doesn’t always allow mentorships to form. By formalizing this process, you can teach your employees to pass down their knowledge more structured manner.

Start an Employee Training Fund

Letting your employees know that you are willing to invest in them is hugely beneficial for motivation. You can do this through an employee training or development fund where you set aside a small amount of money for this purpose.

You can do this on an annual basis or whenever your company has extra money to spend. Letting employees know you want to invest in them and their growth shows that you care and see their potential as employees and individuals.

Incorporate In-house Training Sessions

Holding in-house training sessions is a great way to get your employees excited about learning. You can go over new products, company updates, and industry changes.

The best part of in-house training sessions is that you don’t have to spend any money. Employees will volunteer their time because they want to learn and will enjoy training other employees.

Invite Guest Speakers and Trainers

Guest speakers are beneficial not just for your employees but also for your business. Experts can share their insight on specific topics to help your employees excel in their roles.

You can set up a specific space in your office for these types of activities. Some minor remodeling might do the trick if you don’t have enough room in the establishment. Many financial institutions offer renovation loans with reasonable interest rates, mainly commercial businesses.

Reimburse Employees for Training Courses

Offering reimbursements is a great way to motivate employees looking to improve themselves. Offer your employees the opportunity to attend training and courses outside of work. Then, offer reimbursement for all or a portion of the cost. It will encourage your staff members to take the initiative in their professional development.

When you offer reimbursements, your employees will feel more valued and appreciated. They’ll be more likely to continue working hard because they know their employer has their back.

It’s essential to show your employees you care about their future and that they’re not just another name on the payroll. It’ll boost morale, help you work together as a team on meaningful projects, and give your business an edge over competing companies that don’t invest in their people.

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