About Us

InternZoo is a digital magazine that’s all about helping new business owners and new additions to the workforce find each other and connect in meaningful ways. We believe that this is what’s missing in the American corporate world: deep connections between workers, their managers, the company as a whole, and their overall mission and goals. At Internzoo, we believe that educating people is the best way for worker, manager, and company to really find their purpose in the economy.

Our writing team is staffed by HR specialists and management experts from various industries. Their wealth of knowledge allows us to write about best practices regarding efficient employee management, developing benefits that employees actually care about, and helping employees find the right career path and helping them upskill themselves to higher positions. We believe that a happy employee becomes a skilled employee, and a skilled employee helps a company achieve all that it sets out to achieve.

We also want middle-management and C-level executives learn more about how to become more effective leaders by providing think pieces on large-scale management and dispelling old myths about leadership. Here at InternZoo, we want the captains of the ship to be inspiring, to lead by virtue and example, and to raise the standards of excellence in their workplace.

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